It’s been about a year since I signed with Paul to Wolf Tone and in the meantime a lot has happened.  I did a lot of recording last Winter and Spring with my band, just trying out lots of songs and arrangements.  Spent the summer continuing to write new songs and experimenting with the recordings, looking for that sound.  This Fall I finally found a studio and creative situation that clicked with the music and now I’ve got the green light to go back in and finish a few records up.  Today is my first day back in the studio and I’m incredibly excited.  I’ll be working for the next month or so putting the finishing touches and if everything goes well there should be a release out early next year.  I’ll keep you posted.

It’s taken a long time to get here and a lot has happened along the way.  Leaving the group I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, just knew that I wanted to create in a new way.  It’s been a winding path and there were several points where I really didn’t know what the way forward was.  But through all of it I’ve tried to rely on the simple principle of creating whatever and however makes me happy.  With the that as a guiding principle (and the generous help of numerous folks along the way) I’ve been able to keep going and get to what I think is some really exciting music.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with you very soon. 

I’ll be keeping you all posted.




I’m extremely happy to announce that I have signed to Paul Epworth’s new label Wolf Tone.  It’s an honor to be among the first signings because Paul is one of the best producers out there, period.  This marks the beginning of an exciting new stage in my career and I’m thankful to have been given this platform.  I know that we are going to make some great music together and I look forward to sharing it with you guys. 

For more info about the label and signing check the link:


At the start of the summer it looked like this:

This morning it looks like this:

The garden as metaphor for life is well worn territory, and I apologize to anyone who might be rolling their eyes right now.  But the metaphor is an apt one.  When I started planting in February/March I was a mixture of hope and irrational fear.  Dreaming of the beautiful things that would soon fill my backyard (and my plate), kept up at night worrying “but what if nothing grows?”  But I pushed forward anyway, trusting that it would come.  Shortly thereafter little bits of green started poking through the soil and I felt relief.  So what did I do this summer?  I tended my garden. 

Some things grow well, some things whither and die.  All that I can do is try my best to nurture it all, accept what comes and when something ain’t working out then try something new.  But I never stop planting.  The space is there, the ground is fertile because all those months ago I  put in the work preparing everything (with the help of my lovely wife Vivian, of course).  So now all there is to do is keep trying new things and see what grows best.

After a successful run of shows last spring some exciting things have been happening in the background with regard to release plans, a new label and in many ways a new beginning.  I’m not entirely at liberty to discuss it at the moment (but of course I will let you know as SOON as I can).  In the meantime I decided to take a break from performing for a bit and write as many songs as I can this summer (to supplement the work I’ve already done, of course) in an attempt to have as many options as possible when I head into the studio this fall.  So on the daily, my view is this:

Of course where the garden metaphor ends is that in the fall most things die or go dormant for the winter whereas that will really be when my “garden” is starting to come alive.  It has been a very long journey getting here with a lot of help from a lot of wonderful people and the funny thing is that it’s really only the beginning!  But the seeds are all planted, and I’m looking forward to watching my garden grow.  I know that you’re going to enjoy the fruits of my labor… Thank you for your continued love and support.

P.S. As a slightly less metaphorical point of reference… Back in 2009, the garden looked like this:

Like I said, it’s been a long journey!

Coming Soon: A Really BIG Show!!!

Very excited about my next show!

It’s in a couple weeks at Public Assembly (May 30 to be exact) playing along with 2 of my favorite artists Hussle Club and Kimberly Nichole and one of my favorite DJs (and my DJ when I play without the band) Yamez.

It’s the first of what will hopefully be many shows in a monthly residency I will be doing where I present new music of my own and also try and put on other exciting new (or new-ish) artists and give them a forum to do the same.

Please come out and support live music!


Live Performances By:


And Music Selection ALL NIGHT By YAMEZ

Tix $8 Adv $10 D.O.S.

Doors @ 8:30 PM

Tickets and Info HERE: 

Facebook Event Page HERE:

On To The NEXT One…

Last night’s show at Rock Paper Soul with Sy Smith was incredibly fun and incredibly dope.  Thank you to everyone who came out.  The shows and the music keep rolling on!  My next performance is Thursday May 10 at Piano’s (158 Ludlow St).  Once again I’ll be performing with the full band and once again I’m excited and expecting to have a great time!  Hope that you can join me… Tickets are available HERE

The NEXT Next Show…

So on May 3rd I will be back at my new favorite spot DROM (85 Avenue A btwn 5th & 6th) performing with the full band and sharing the bill with a couple of other great singers, Domijo (@JeSuis_Domijo) and Paul Rivers Bailey (@riversbailey).  It is an early show being presented by ROCK PAPER SOUL (@ROCKPAPERSOUL) who put on great monthly indie soul events all over the city and I am honored that they are putting me on!

The show is early (it runs from 6:30-8:30) perfect to come by after work, have a drink and hear some good music.  I’m also excited to say that the show is sort of a “pre-show” for the Sy Smith & Zo! (@syberspace) show that ROCK PAPER SOUL is presenting immediately after my show.  For those of y’all who ain’t familiar, this is Sy Smith:

They are running a special deal where you can get into both shows for only $20 if you buy advance tickets HERE.

But of course you can also just buy tickets for my show, they are $10 and you can get ‘em HERE:

ANY WHICH WAY this should be a seriously fun show and I hope that you can make it out!  Hit up the Facebook Event Page and let me know if you’re coming!



I’m happy to say that I have more than a few exciting shows coming up over the next month or so… First, I’m very happy that Maggie asked me to perform at this benefit she’s putting together at DROM on April 17.  It’s the Switchboard 1 year anniversary party and I’ll be sharing the bill/stage with some very talented folks… Party Supplies, Nick Catchdubs, Autobot of Flosstradamus, DJ Wonder, Musa and of course TELEPHONED.  Should be a blast it’s only $5 to get in and it’s for a good cause (to read more about it go here:

This is also the first show I’m gonna be doing with my new DJ, the highly talented DJ Yamez.  I don’t know many (or any) who can do what he does as far as bringing both talent, skills and selection so I’m excited to be working with him.  You should definitely check him out:

I’m also happy to say that I will be back at DROM again 2 weeks later on May 3rd in a slightly different context… Still ironing out a few details (which I will fill in here later) but what I CAN tell you is that it’s an early/afterwork show, I will be performing with the full 5 piece band and that it’s gonna be great!

Should be a blast, I hope you can make it out to one or both of these shows!



Sometimes you hear a song on the radio and it just captures your attention because there ain’t nothing else like it.  And Estelle has been doing that lately.  I loved her since “American Boy” and more lately I dug “Break My Heart” (and was glad that Rick Ross was back on it doing his “deeper than rap” vibe again), so when I started hearing this new track “Thank You” earlier this winter I was super pleased Estelle had come back strong yet again.  And I’m happy to see that it’s caught on and been a big hit! 

The track is like an oasis in the musical desert that is modern R&B radio.  There just ain’t hardly NOTHIN’ out there right now gettin’ any play, and very little of it feels like this.  It’s nice to hear something with this kind of soulful vibe (written by Akon no less, who I miss from the radio, I think that’s him on the backgrounds). 

As you can read, I’m a fan. I was inspired, so over the weekend I went into the studio and put together a little homemade remix.  I turned it into a duet, I imagined trying to capture the moment when a couple splits up and thought it could be interesting to bring the male perspective into it a bit.  I hope she don’t mind, and I hope that I’ve done the track justice.  More importantly, I hope you like it!

If you DO like it, then why not “like” me?  Here’s a little incentive. Just follow the instructions below and “like” my Facebook fan page and you’ll get a free mp3 download of the track.  Simple.  Free.  Just do it!


Hey Y’all,

The show at Public Assembly the other night was great.  A warm crowd, a good feeling in the room… I had the full band with me and we were just going all out and having fun.  Thankfully the sound man was nice enough to make a little live recording so now I can share it with you (for the folks that couldn’t make it out).

Hope you enjoy!  See you there next time…


Come see me in Williamsburg, BK at Public Assembly on Tuesday the 28th.  Me with full band.  Tickets are on the door.  Hope you can make it out! 


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